For lift kits, we offer some of the top brand kits for your vehicles. We are an authorized dealer for rough country, and superlift. But whatever you want to do, we got it. And if it is necessary, we will build it in house.

Air ride

I myself have a dodge with air ride, and I thoroughly enjoy it as well. We offer you, custom air ride components and install pre-fabricated kits, up to completely custom fabrication. We also do body drops, full frame builds, and anything that wonderful heart of yours desires. We are authorized dealers in Ekstensive and Little shop mfg. When we put you on air, you'll be great no matter what you drive or what you pull behind you. 

Restorations and Metal Fab



We offer all types of lowering kits whether you want to go one inch lower, or 12 inches lower. We can lower or drop anything from your four wheel drive pickup, to your moms mini-van. If they don't make a kit out there, we will design, weld, and create it here in the house.

Custom Paint

Collision Repair/Insurance Work


Body Work





                    Collision repair and insurance work is also welcomed!!